Jillian Michaels Settles Divorce Case

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The following information was obtained from Yahoo and The Blast.

Fitness guru Jillian Michaels settled her divorce with Heidi Michaels-Rhoades, which includes resolving the issues of custody and child support for their two children.

Their time-sharing agreement with the children includes Heidi spending 60% of the time with them and Jillian 40% of the time.

The marital settlement agreements refers to a Prenuptial Domestic Partner Agreement. Per the Agreement, Jillian provided a $2.4 Million “advance” on “future” child support, and Jillian’s share of all extracurricular activities, private school, clothes.

Jillian will pay for the minor children’s private school, clothes, and extracurricular activities will be decided upon jointly. Jillian will also pay Heidi $2,000 a month in additional child support. There is no alimony.

Marital Assets

There were two homes involved. Jillian will get the house in Malibu, CA valued at over $8 Million and Heidi the home in Topanga, CA valued at $2 Million.

Jillian will keep her 2015 Chevy Truck, and Heidi the 2017 Tesla.

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