John Dowd Tried to Help Paul Manafort & Rick Gates

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Former attorney for President Trump John Dowd tried getting funds for the legal defense fund of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. Photo Credit- Getty images.

John Dowd Tried to Help Paul Manafort & Rick Gates

It was earlier this week that I blasted former attorney for President Trump- John Dowd on not preparing White House Officials for their meeting with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Any law student would know better than that. But, of course, there’s more.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that John Dowd considered getting funds for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates’ legal defense fund. Of course, White House ethic lawyers rejected the idea and the subsequent idea to pay out of his own pocket $25,000 towards Manafort’s legal defense.

Okay, first question. How many millions of dollars is Paul Manafort worth?

Now the confusing part is that Dowd did tell the Washington Post in an email earlier this year that donating was considered but “upon the advice I received, I did not make that contribution.” However, in response to an email from CNBC, Dowd now said “Another cheap hit piece!”

What I don’t understand, how are the conflicts of interest not obvious to Dowd or anyone else, if not at the minimum, the look of impropriety?

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