John McCain Gets the Last Laugh

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Cindy McCain, wife of, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. lays her head on casket during a memorial service at the Arizona Capitol on Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, Pool)

John McCain Gets the Last Laugh

As John McCain lied in state yesterday in Arizona’s State Capitol and is being transferred to Washington, D.C. to lie in state at the Capitol Building, there are several things to take note of:

The flags went back to half-staffed until John McCain reaches his final resting place in the Naval Academy in Annapolis next to his best friend Chuck Larson.

McCain 1, Trump 0.

McCain chooses President Bush and President Obama to give eulogies at his funeral. Both Presidents beat McCain in his bid for the presidency and Obama is a Democrat. McCain is still reaching over the aisle and making deals and proves to the world that both parties should work together and that he is a better negotiator than President Trump.

McCain 2, Trump 0.

President Trump cannot use his smartphone or turn on the television without seeing McCain everywhere today.

McCain 3, Trump 0.

McCain invited President Obama, President George Bush, and no doubt President H.W. Bush and President Carter were invited, but won’t be able to attend due to health reasons, to his service in Washington, D.C. President Trump not invited.

McCain 4, Trump 0.

McCain’s funeral in Arizona had “My Way” by old blue eyes Frank Sinatra playing at his funeral.

McCain 5, Trump 0.

McCain will have something named after him in his honor in Washington, maybe we can even hope for a holiday. President Trump will only have an indictment and impeachment named after him.

McCain 6, Trump 0.

McCain will have Russian dissident Vladimir Kara-Murza as one of his pallbearers. Baam!

McCain 7, Trump 0.

Rest in Peace Senator.

You are a true American hero and one that has made this great nation proud and I say with great pride that when I saw today’s services, I stood for Mr. McCain and placed my hand across my heart.

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