John McCain Was the Last of Old School Republicans

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Flickr photo of the Russell Senate Office Building

John McCain Was the Last of Old School Republicans

How great was the late Senator John McCain at reaching over the aisle and agreeing to a deal with Democrats? Pretty damn good. How good? Good enough that Democratic leader Chuck Schumer wants to rename the Senate’s office building after John McCain. The problem? Republicans don’t seem interesting in doing it.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell instead is looking to start a bipartisan panel to figure out how to honor McCain. Because that’s what Congress needs: more panels, committees, and hearings on getting something done. You would think this would be a slam dunk, but, with the death of McCain, so is the party of the GOP as we used to know it.

Instead of renaming the building which is currently called the Russell Senate Office Building, they are considering renaming the Senate Armed Services Committee Office after McCain.

There is also the consideration of honoring McCain in the reception room of the Senate floor where only seven other senators are honored. However, there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

The Russell Building is named after Senator Richard Russell from Georgia, a Democrat back in the day and a racist if this country has ever seen one.

Russell opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, co-authored the “Southern Manifesto” which was against the integration of public schools even after the famous Supreme Court case of Brown versus the Board of Education.

When was the Senate Office Building renamed after Russell? Well, since he opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, it would have been after that. Russell died in 1971.

Now, Russell did do some great things. It wasn’t all bad. Russell spent four decades in the Senate. That alone is impressive. He pushed for the School Lunch Act to give free and low cost lunches to children in public schools, too. But, I can’t get over Senator Russell’s past.

Whatever happened in 1971 that allowed for the name change of the Senate Building, no doubt it was a different time in this nation’s history. And while we can’t ignore or deny history, we also don’t always have to support it, just learn from it.

If you don’t want the Russell Building re-named to honor McCain, fine, but at least rename it to something else, even it’s original name – The Senate Office Building.

What if we called it the Trump Building? How long do you think that would take for the GOP to decide? Maybe Republicans can take some advice from Google Maps. See the picture below. It has been updated since

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