Judges Want ICE to Stop Arresting Immigrants in Court

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The Association of Legal Aid Attorneys along with dozens of unions, immigrant rights organizations, and community groups held a rally on December 7, 2017 at Brooklyn Borough Hall to call on the Office of Court Administration and Chief Judge Janet DiFiore to prohibit Immigration

Judges Want ICE to Stop Arresting Immigrants in Court

When Michael Cohen’s office was searched by the FBI with a valid search warrant approved by a federal judge, President Trump used the “broke into.” He also said that attorney-client privilege was dead and a few holders of paralegal certificates from Trump University agreed, not caring or wanting to know or understand that the privilege does not apply to crimes committed.

Regardless, what is dead is Trump’s respect for the law and basic human decency.

ICE for the last couple of years has been arresting immigrants at courthouses. In the past, I’ve always had clients ask me if they were going to get arrested by appearing in court. I always replied “no” because I had never witnessed it or heard of that happening, but as Bob Dylan sings “the times are a changing.”

Between 2016 – 2017, the Immigrant Defense Project documented a 1,200 percent increase in arrests in courts in the state of New York. Now, retired judges nationwide are asking for ICE to back off.

State and federal judges have submitted a letter to Immigration and Customs Enforcement to add courthouses to the list of “sensitive locations” so that ICE officers do not continue to enter the courthouse to arrest immigrants.

Places off limits include schools, hospitals and places of worship.

“Judges simply cannot do their jobs — and our justice system cannot function effectively — if victims, defendants, witnesses, and family members do not feel secure in accessing the courthouse.”

“ICE’s reliance on immigration arrests in courthouses instills fear in clients and deters them from seeking justice in a court building.”

The letter sent to ICE by the judges can be seen below.

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