Jump- How High? Jeff Sessions

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions at a Trump Campaign Rally.

Jump- How High? Jeff Sessions

Aider and abettor Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be meeting with Attorney Generals from numerous states to discuss social media and “intentionally stifling” free speech. Why? Because President Trump’s latest shiny object is that Google is “rigged” against him.

Is it me or does it seem that President Trump is at war with everyone and everyone thing except Putin and Russia, and North Korea and Kim Jung Un.


“The Attorney General has convened a meeting with a number of state attorneys general this month to discuss a growing concern that these companies may be hurting competition and intentionally stifling the free exchange of ideas on their platforms.” -Department of Justice.

President Twitter- the creator of invisible enemies, is even using hashtag #stopthebias.


Of course, what is really happening is that President Trump is setting himself up for failure. We have seen this over and over again, a tactic that where he expects a defeat, he explains the defeat in advance.

During the presidential campaign of 2016, Trump started with the election system is rigged. Then he won, and it was no longer rigged until he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. Then it became millions of illegal votes were cast in favor of Clinton, so Trump created a committee to investigate illegal voting that was nothing but a sham.

Of course, with fake news The Daily Caller, Trump said in an interview that social media is favoring the Democrats. What proof does he have? None.

Other than he did a Google search of “fake news” and saw certain media outlets like CNN at the top of the search page. Of course, this only shows the ignorance of President Trump and his knowledge of search rankings, SEO, and complex algorithms.

Knowing the Blue Wave is coming, President Trump needs to create a new enemy and explain his defeat. Trump is more predictable that the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

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