Kevin Dillon Divorce and the Issue of Date of Separation

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According to The Blast, Kevin Dillon from “Entourage,” was ordered to pay former wife Jane Stuart $1,700,594.

The amount was calculated by the value of their home and other assets and Dillon is required to pay $3,174 monthly in child support.

At issue and as I wrote about previously was the date of separation. Many times clients will provide a date of separation but are still residing together in the same home, whether separate rooms or the garage is converted into a studio apartment. That will not be considered a separation as it is still under the “same roof.”

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Separation is simply when one party moves out of the family residence, not physical and/or emotional separation. This is an important issue because when you move out of the house, issues of alimony and child support come into play.

For example, if you moved out in January and the divorce is started in January of the following year, child support starts from the day you moved out (arrears). However, let’s say for argument’s sake you moved out in October, then that is when child support calculations begin which is a difference of nine months.

Also note that any payments made even while separated, counts as a credit towards any child support arrears.

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