Kristin Davis- The Manhattan Madam

Kristin Davis- The Manhattan Madam

Kristin Davis is known as Manhattan Madam. Davis ran a high-end prostitution ring in New York with high profile clients which included former governor of New York Eliot Spitzer and allegedly baseball star Alex Rodriguez and soccer great David Beckham.

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The Manhattan Madam, Kristin Davis to Testify Before the Grand Jury

Remember when T.G.I.F. meant being excited about the weekend and taking a few days off from your hectic work week? Now, T.G.I.F. is about who is testifying before the Grand Jury in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

On Fridays, the Grand Juries convene and this upcoming Friday, Kristin Davis, known as the Manhattan Madam,” is expected to testify.


The Manhattan Madam, Kristin Davis to Testify Before the Grand Jury


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The Manhattan Madam Meets with Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Now, it has been confirmed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller met with Davis. The meeting was voluntary and not a result of a Grand Jury subpoena, but of course, she is likely to testify before a Grand Jury.



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Porn Star, Playboy Model, Now a Madam

Because we don’t get a break or day off in Trump World, now it seems that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed Kristin Davis, known as the Manhattan Madam and for her connection to the former Governor of New York- Eliot Spitzer. Davis has been convicted of running a prostitution ring and later on for selling prescription drugs to an undercover FBI agent.

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