Latest Immigration News This Week

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Latest Immigration News This Week


Because of the migrant caravan rhetoric, the same migrant caravan we no longer hear of since the midterm elections has come and gone, President Trump has taken a hard stance by limiting asylum claims of asylum to “official ports of entry.”

As it stands, one can claim asylum by entering the United States whether by plane, car, boat, parachuting yourself in, or crossing the border. Trump is attempting to limit asylum for those that cross the border, an Executive Order that no doubt will be declared unconstitutional by the courts.

As President Trump signed off on the Executive, Order, the ACLU filed their lawsuit in the 9th Circuit.

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Next Stop- Trump Changes Asylum Claims

The Trump administration unveiled new rules with the intent of limiting asylum claims for migrants that cross via the United States – Mexico border.


DACA Heading to the Supreme Court

Now that the 9th Circuit has ruled that DACA cannot end, the next step is to appeal the decision to the United States Supreme Court. Multiple courts have DACA lawsuits pending.

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DACA Continues

An appellate court in San Francisco, part of the 9th circuit, has ruled that Trump’s administration must continue with the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program.


DACA Recipient is Now a Lawyer

The Connecticut Bar has accepted its first recipient of DACA. Denia Perez a “dreamer,” graduated from Quinnipiac University School of Law.

Perez helped in amending the admission language for the Connecticut Bar to ensure it that DACA recipients would be included. The new language allowed for “an individual authorized to work lawfully in the United States” to apply for the bar.


Immigration Backlog of Cases

Since President Trump took office, the backlog of cases with the Immigration Courts has increased by 225,846 cases, an increase of 49%. In addition, 330,211 were cases that were completed, have been re-categorized to a “pending” status, resulting in more than 1 million pending cases.

Closed cases increased by more than three percent thanks to the hiring of more immigration judges. However, if the speed at which cases are decided does not increase, it will take approximately four years to finalize a case.

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Jeff Sessions Wants Immigration Cases Sped Up

The Mexico food loving, but Mexican hating Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues with his anti-immigration policies by signing an interim order that requires immigration judges to speed up cases.

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