Latest Update Bankruptcy Court and Coronavirus

Below is an email sent by the bankruptcy court of the Middle District of Florida. Please stay in contact with my office if you are a client. If you already have a bankruptcy attorney, please confirm the status of any hearings before the bankruptcy trustee or bankruptcy court.

Thank you and be safe.

A message from Chief Judge Caryl E. Delano:

The bankruptcy judges of the Middle District of Florida are monitoring reports regarding the Coronavirus Disease known as COVID-19. In light of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s recommendation that everyone avoid crowds and exercise “social distancing,” effective Monday, March 16, 2020, and continuing until further notice, the Court has implemented the following policies:

1. Judges in all Divisions will conduct all non-evidentiary hearings by telephone. Attorneys should arrange to appear via CourtCall or CourtSolutions as indicated on each judge’s webpage ( Both CourtCall and CourtSolutions have agreed to waive their charges for pro se parties. A party who is not represented by counsel and is unable to coordinate with CourtCall or CourtSolutions should contact the judge’s courtroom deputy. Contact information is listed on each judge’s webpage.

2. Individual judges may determine to continue evidentiary hearings and trials that are not time-sensitive. In that event, Court staff will contact counsel for the parties and an order continuing the hearing or trial will be entered.

3. Any party who has a valid basis for requesting the continuance of an evidentiary or non-evidentiary hearing may file a motion to continue. Motions to continue shall include a statement that the movant has conferred with counsel for opposing parties concerning the requested continuance, and the position of other parties concerning the request.

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