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nra political victory fund, nra carry guardNRA Political Grades and Political Victory Fund

We know the NRA – National Rifle Association gives “grades” to candidates and spend tens of millions of dollars each year backing certain candidates. President Trump by far was the NRA’s largest beneficiary with more than $30 million.


student loan debt relief, average student loan debt, refinance to student loan debtTwo Trillion for Student Loan Debt Crisis

Student loan debt is increasing by as much as $30 billion each quarter and is predicted to hit $2 trillion by 2021.



cheapeast bankruptcy lawyers, bankruptcy attorney near me, chp 7 bankruptcyBankruptcy and Senior Citizens

With a drop in income and the high costs of medical care and the standard of living, senior citizens are filing for bankruptcy in record numbers.


chain migration definition, how to become a us citizen, immigration lawyer, immigration attorneysHypocrite President Trump and Chain Migration

President Trump, who hates anything that give immigrants a pathway to residency or U.S. citizenship, has been outspoken against chain migration, exactly the procedure that First Lady Melania’s parents took advantage of in their path towards citizenship.


yahoo nfl sports, who knelt for the national anthem today, five freedoms guaranteed by first amendmentThe President That Knows More Than the New Jersey “Generals” is Back

Football season is here, which means hot dogs, a cooler full of cold beer, tailgating, and the President protesting about NFL athletes taking a knee.


healthcare for immigrants, health insurances, affordable health insurance individualThe Costs of Immigrants and Our Healthcare System

The International Journal of Health Services study concluded that immigrants use less health care than non-immigrants, and ready for this, may actually subsidize healthcare of U.S. citizens.


NRA political victory fund,nra financial trouble, is nra going bankrupt, national rifle association magazineGovernor Andrew Cuomo to NRA – See You in Court

Governor Cuomo is being sued by the NRA as the pro-gun group states that due to Cuomo’s actions in not only fighting against Carry Guard Insurance and getting rid of it in the state of New York, but also for urging other Governors to do the same.



jeff sessions immigration, donald trump immigration, immigration attorneysJudge Fights Back Against Immigration Policy

While the plane carrying the mother/plaintiff and her daughter were en route to El Salvador, the judge ordered for the plane to turn around.


immigration attorneys, citizenship applicationThe Trump Administration Wants to Deport Everyone

Racist Stephen Miller, the White House Senior Adviser that probably used government aid when he attended college, is the mastermind behind another anti-immigration/anti-humane/anti-common-sense policy.


nra in financial trouble, carry guard insurance, gov. andrew cuomo, nra credit card processing,NRA political victory fundThe NRA Trolls David Hogg

At a recent rally in front of the NRA headquarters, the NRA tweeted about Hogg having armed security. Gee, I wonder why he needs armed security?


immigration problems in america, southern poverty law center criticism,mexico border wall prototypes, border wall eminent domainThe Costs of President Trump’s Stupid Border Wall

When President Trump said he could build the wall under $20 billion because who knows more about building walls than him, we also knew that was a lie. How far was he off on the figures? But as far off as the length of the border.


daca news, jeff sessions, immigration attorneys DACAThe Trump Administration Files Appeal to DACA

Yesterday, the Trump administration filed their notice of appeal to last week’s ruling that reinstated DACA.


immigration attorney, trump family separation policy, family separation policyTrump Can Clean Up His Own Immigration Mess

Judge Dana Sabraw made clear that the Trump administration is “100 percent” responsible for reuniting families under their border separation policy and the speed at which they are working at is “unacceptable.”


president trump border separation policyPresident Trump’s Administration Loses on DACA Again

President Trump is going to have to explain what his definition of winning is. For the second time this week on immigration issues, Trump lost.


nra going bankrupt, is the nra going broke,nra political victory fundGot Money? The NRA is Broke

Everything President Trump touches turns into fool’s good. Just ask the NRA who was Trump’s biggest financial backer.


joey gibson for senate, portland protest, patriot prayer rally portland, trump ralliesPro Fascist Rally Scheduled for Today

The rally is being organized by the leader of Patriot Prayer Joey Gibson, who is seeking a seat in the Senate as a Republican in the state of Washington.


how to get a student loan, bankruptcy attorney, student loan refinance calculator, refinance student loans, consolidate student loansStudent Loans Increases Divorce Rate

Student loan debt is estimated at $1.5 trillion, and with the costs of education increasing, so will the national debt.




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