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Highest Ranked States with Student Loan Debts

State rankings on student loans.


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“Welcome Back Kotter”
Robert Hegyes
1976 ABC

US Citizens Get Ready to be Deported- The Gestapo is Here

Went to Mexico for fun and are trying to cross the border? Good luck, because not even a U.S. Passport and a U.S. birth certificate is valid anymore.


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Now It’s NOT Against the Law to Feed the Homeless in Fort Lauderdale

One get arrested? Share your food with the homeless in Fort Lauderdale.


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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Student Loan Debt Proposal

With the midterm elections coming up, Governor Scott Walker from Wisconsin proposes new ideas in combating with the student loan crisis.


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Another Resignation- Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Another top official from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau resigns suddenly.


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Women Have the Highest Student Loan Debt

The Federal Reserve has released new data regarding the student loan debt crisis. Per the data, out of $1.4 trillion debt pertaining to student loans, women have approximately $900 billion.


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Student Loan Crisis is Second Largest Household Debt

Student loans are the second highest household debt behind mortgages.


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Immigrants Now Have Ankle Monitors

Now, in order to keep tabs on immigrants, the Trump administration has ordered that immigrants were ankle monitors.



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Betsy Devos Wants to Arm Teachers with Federal Funds

The New York Times was the first to break the story that Education Secretary Betsy Devos is actually considering a plan where guns will be allowed in schools and the federal government will provide the funding to purchase the firearms.



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Jeff Sessions Wants Immigration Cases Sped Up

The Mexican food loving, but Mexican hating Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues with his anti-immigration policies by signing an interim order that requires immigration judges to speed up cases.


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 Miami Chosen By Jeff Sessions and Department of Justice for New Crime Program

Miami, my hometown, is now one of five cities that has joined the National Public Safety Partnership program in an effort by the federal government to provide training to municipalities that have high crime rates.


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LGBTQ Community in Pennsylvania Legally Protected Against Discrimination

Under new guidelines released by the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, the definition of “sex” has been expanded to include sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, gender transition, and transgender identity.


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Thanksgiving with the Stephen Miller Family Will Be Awkward

Now, even Stephen Miller’s family is speaking out against his anti-immigration policies.


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