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Latest news and laws on issues affecting you on a variety of subjects ranging from student loans, divorce, bankruptcy, LGBTQ issues, immigration, and marijuana.


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President Trump Loses in Immigration Court- Again

A federal judge in California has blocked Trump’s administration from forcing migrants to apply for asylum through official ports of entry. A hearing is scheduled for next month.


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No First Amendment Protection for Neo Nazi

Neo Nazi website Daily Stormer, founded by Andrew Anglin, loses First Amendment argument.


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CNN- Jim Acosta Sue Trump

CNN has filed a lawsuit for violation of Jim Acosta’s First Amendment rights for having his press pass revoked.


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Rudy Giuliani is Broke

Of course, now that Rudy Giuliani is getting divorced, he has no money to pay alimony.


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Latest Immigration News This Week

This weeks news regarding the Trump administration and immigration.


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DACA Continues

An appellate court in San Francisco, part of the 9th circuit, has ruled that Trump’s administration must continue with the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, an issue that will now proceed to the United States Supreme Court.


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Next Stop- Trump Changes Asylum Claims

The Trump administration unveiled new rules with the intent of limiting asylum claims for migrants that cross via the U.S.- Mexico border.


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Midterm Elections and Marijuana

Michigan is now the tenth state to legalize recreational marijuana while Utah and Missouri legalized marijuana for medical purposes, the thirty-first and thirty-second states to do so. Recreational marijuana was rejected by voters in North Dakota.


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President Trump Wants Supreme Court to Hear DACA Pronto

The issues surrounding DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) remains pending in the federal courts, but the Justice Department is asking for the Supreme Court to take up the case. The reason is simple enough; the Supreme Court’s calendar.



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Student Loan Default Rate

There are more than 44 million borrowers of student loans with the debt total inching towards $1.5 trillion, resulting in high default rates.


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Alabama’s Ranking for Student Loan Debt

Unfortunately, Alabama is also one of only five states where the average school debt exceeds family income.



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Domestic Violence and Alimony Laws in Pennsylvania

Legislation that was sponsored by state Rep. John Lawrence, R-13, has been signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania that stops alimony payments from victims of domestic violence to their abusers.


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Warning- SoFi- Social Finance Inc. – Student Loans

The FTC- Federal Trade Commission has reached agreement with student loan refinancer SoFi regarding misrepresenting how much student loan borrowers could save.


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No Murder Insurance in California

Following in New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo footsteps, the California Department of Insurance sent a cease and desist order to the NRA (National Rifle Association) regarding it’s Carry Guard Insurance.

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