Lawyer that Didn’t Want to Work for Trump Now Sues Him

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CNN Reporter Jim Acosta and President Trump. CNN photo credit.

Lawyer that Didn’t Want to Work for Trump Now Sues Him

With CNN announcing its lawsuit on behalf of Jim Acosta against President Trump for revoking his “hard pass,” one of the attorneys hired by CNN had previously rejected the opportunity to work for Trump in reference to the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


alexander hernandez, jim acosta sues trump, jim acosta doctored video

CNN- Jim Acosta Sue Trump

CNN has filed a lawsuit for violation of Jim Acosta’s First Amendment rights.


Theodore B. Olson is one of the attorneys filing the lawsuit based on Acosta’s First Amendment rights being violated. Also named in the lawsuit is White House chief of staff John Kelly, communications director Bill Shine, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Secret Service.

Olson worked under the George W. Bush administration.

As you read this, CNN’s case is being heard in a federal court on a temporary injunction to have Acosta’s credentials returned immediately. There may be a decision later tonight.

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