Les Moonves May Get Huge Payout


Les Moonves is the former Chief Executive of CBS who resigned due to sexual harassment claims. After working for CBS for fifteen years, Moonves may get a $120 million payout, depending on the results of the internal investigation of sexual harassment claims.

The allegations against Moonves are very serious. Six women claim that Moonves forced oral sex on him, violently threw women against the wall, exposed himself, and used physical intimidation.

In an interview with the New Yorker, Moonves denied the charges and admitted to having consensual relationships with three of the six women.

Here’s the issue: nothing will come of this.

Moonves like most of executives, has a confidentiality clause and the investigation is internal. Meaning, it is highly unlikely that the report and the results will ever be made public.

People keep asking why didn’t the women come out sooner? That’s why. The victims always lose. What’s the other choice? Sue Moonves who has pockets that run deeper than the Mariana Trench?

Victims will be investigated and every spec of dirt found on them will be released publicly to harass and shame them and their family.

The accusations against Moonves are criminal, but with a potential $120 million payout, what’s the deterrence? He lost his job? When we lose our jobs, we can’t afford to pay the rent. At $120 million, Moonves can go live on a private island.

Fact is, regardless of the internal investigation, if Moonves doesn’t get his money, he will sue for breach of contract and claim the investigation was invalid or not conducted properly.

As a result, CBS is on trial and they will take a hit financially, as they have already with this scandal, and since Moonves has plenty of money and nothing to lose, why not sue? CBS just to avoid controversy and litigation to further damage its stock, will just pay it out.

Meanwhile, Moonves retires with hundreds of millions of dollars and the victims are scarred for life.


While CBS has agreed to donate $20 million to organizations that support workplace equality, Time’s Up, an organization that focuses on sexual harassment, sent a letter to CBS requesting that Moonves’ $120 million payout should be donated.

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