Lie, Lie, and Lie Again


guiliani's new mueller theory actually reveals a weakness of trump's position, CNN news
Jim Carrey in movie Liar. Liar.

Lie, Lie, and Lie Again

The other day I posted on my Twitter feed a situation we have all encountered.

You go to a party, get-together, or family reunion, and wanting to take a break, you grab your drink and sit down in the first seat that is available. Next to you, is a guy that starts talking gibberish, usually, it’s the crazy uncle, but in this case, it is Rudy Giuliani.


Rudy Giuliani at some point was the pride of New York. A tough prosecutor, the mayor that cleaned up the city and faced the terrorist attacks of 911. Now?

We are witnessing what I consider something historic in the way that political bombs are handled and responded to.

There was a time that credibility was important, but that has been thrown to the waste side and replaced with spreading confusion and mis-information. The same exact thing that Russia did with their internet troll farms, is the same way that Trump handles bad news.

Giuliani is nothing but an older version of Michael Cohen. Their plan of attack is just that; attack. It doesn’t matter what you say, just say something. When videos clips are edited later, people will just hear one little snipet of what really happened in the interview and believe whatever garbage is being spewed.

Earlier this week, Giuliani appeared on Chris Cuomo’s show “Cuomo Prime Time,” to discuss the Michael Cohen tapes. Cohen, all of a sudden is a liar. Per Giuliani, “he’s lied all his life.” Giuliani went on to say that Cohen isn’t credible.

Now, be objective for just one minute. At this point, is the President of the United States credible? Are those that surround his inner circle?

There is no doubt that sometimes being a bully may work. Trump has made a career out of it and it even got him into the White House. But, life is a lot like golf.

You can’t hit the same shot every time. Sometimes you have to change the trajectory of the ball flight, or hit it from left-to-right, right-to-left, etc. The same applies to life’s problems. You can’t always have the same approach, especially if others already know your style and your game plan.

If you know someone well, you are unlikely to be intimidated by them. Cohen knows Trump very well and knows Trump’s reaction will be to attack with a new “fixer” and “bulldog” in Giuliani.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a former Marine and has prosecuted plenty of heavyweights throughout his career and as a Marine he knows something that Trump doesn’t know: how to improvise, adapt, and overcome. Good luck intimidating him.

Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’ attorney, he hasn’t backed down, and if anything, he is ratcheting it up.

So, Trump’s game plan is simple: bully and intimidate, and spread mis-information. Well, the first two methods aren’t working and as to spreading mis-information- the gig is up.

“Cohen doesn’t have any incriminating information about the president or himself. “The man is an honest, honorable lawyer.” – Rudy Giuliani interview with ABC News in May of 2018.

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