Limited in Scope- FBI Investigation of Kavanaugh

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Limited in Scope- FBI Investigation of Kavanaugh

In speaking before the Senate Judiciary committee, FBI Director Chris Wray told senators that the FBI’s investigation of sexual assault allegations by Christine Blasey Ford against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was “limited in scope” and thus “consistent with the standard process.”

Senator Kamala Harris asked Director Wray if the FBI was limited based on directions from the White House.

Unlike most investigations like the sort that you and I and (Democratic Sen. Doug Jones of Alabama) have all been familiar with — traditional criminal investigations, national security investigations — a background investigation is very different. Our only authority is as requested by the adjudicating agency — in this case is the White House.” Director Wray.

Our supplemental update to the previous background investigation was limited in scope and that is consistent with the standard process for such investigations going back quite a long ways.”

Wray did not answer directly the question as it is a simple yes or no, but Wray’s answers give us answers and gives credibility to prior media reports that the White House requested an investigation that was limited in scope.

And while Director Wray is correct in what he said, the question is why wasn’t this treated as a criminal investigation?

The accusations by Dr. Ford against Justice Kavanaugh are criminal and Maryland surprisingly enough does not have a statute of limitations for crimes of this nature. Granted, there is an argument for jurisdictional issues, but that’s something the FBI would hand over to local law enforcement as Robert Mueller has done with other cases his team of prosecutors have been investigating.

Besides, this wasn’t about prosecuting Justice Kavanaugh that would not happen under any circumstances given the facts, but more about getting to the bottom of the truth.

So, was this a fair investigation? Yes, given the circumstances and limitations. But again, that is based on handling the accusations against Kavanaugh procedurally as a background check not a criminal investigation, which may have potentially led to a different result.

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