Livan Hernandez- Marlin’s Pitcher Bankruptcy Case

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Remember Livan Hernandez from the Florida Marlins now the Miami Marlins? Well, since his World Series heroics, Hernandez’s finances have hit rock bottom.

The same day I was in court on my own bankruptcy cases, I heard the ‘buzz’ in the courthouse that Livan Hernandez had been in court that day for his bankruptcy case. Now, almost a year later, his bankruptcy case remains pending.

Hernandez had borrowed $200,000 from a former friend who is now suing him. Hernandez testified in his deposition that he has no money, even after earning more than $50 million during his career.

It wasn’t even easy to get Hernandez to appear at the deposition, at some point he was under arrest if found, to appear.

Nowadays, Hernandez states his income is from giving one-on-instructions to kids and he usually gets paid in cash. He doesn’t even have a bank account.

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