“Lock Her Up”- West Virginia Rally

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President Trump at the Charleston Civic Center in supporter of candidate Patrick Morrisey. (Photo: Mandel Ngan, AFP/Getty Images)

“Lock Her Up”- West Virginia Rally

Just hours after Michael Cohen takes a plea and implicates President Trump in multiple felonies and Paul Manafort is found guilty on eight charges of fraud, President Jim Jones attended a rally in Charleston, West Virginia.

What did the Heaven’s Gate followers do: actually chant “Lock her up!” How is that not a gross display of ignorance at best?

The West Virginia rally was for Attorney General Patrick Morrisey who is seeking a seat in the Senate.

Of course, Morrisey wasn’t far behind since he attacked his opponent Senator Joe Manchin for supporting Hillary Clinton. Nothing like living in the past.

“Manchin even called Hillary warm, compassionate, engaging, tough ― can you believe that?” -Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

Of course, this was the perfect opportunity for President Trump to start up with his “fake news” mantra. More on that in a follow up blog.

Pointing to the cameras-

“Fake news. How fake are they? Fake news and the Russian witch hunt. We’ve got a whole, big combination. Where is the collusion? You know, they’re still looking for collusion! Where is the collusion? Find some collusion. We want to find the collusion.”

Be careful what you wish for Mr. President.

Of course, President Trump’s former personal attorney- Michael Cohen, implicating the President in felonies and Trump’s former Campaign Manager doesn’t really mean much in Trump Bizarro World.

Of course, the environmental genius that is President Trump, he actually said “We love clean, beautiful West Virginia coal. We love it. You know, that’s indestructible stuff.”

When you think of coal, don’t you think of how clean it is?

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P.S.- Social Media trolls- I’m well aware that Jim Jones and Heaven’s Gate are two different cults, I just wanted to use both names.

The post has been updated.

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