Lost Your Child at the Border? Call the ACLU

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Demonstrators protest the Trump administration policy that enables federal agents to separate migrant children from their parents at the border on June 5, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Lost Your Child at the Border? Call the ACLU

The other day coming home from the grocery store where I had to show my ID to buy a loaf of bread, I noticed that a stop sign in the corner was missing. Maybe it was stolen or knocked down, who knows, but it presents a dangerous situation. So, I called the county office, advised them of the situation, and told them while they were at it, they should also fix the large pothole which has been causing damages to cars. The county’s response: fix it yourself.

That obviously would infuriate you if it happened and was true. Just like if you call the police to report your child is missing and they say, “well, go find her yourself.” Offended yet?

Well, that really is no different than the latest attempt by President Trump and Jeff Sessions to delay reuniting children with their families because of their border separation policy.

“Plaintiffs’ counsel should use their considerable resources and their network of law firms, NGOs, volunteers, and others, together with the information that defendants have provided (or will soon provide), to establish contact with possible class members in foreign countries.”

That is the exact wording in a pleading filed by the Department of Justice. So, the government creates the problem in the first place, and now wants the ACLU to do the dirty work for them, so any delays in reunification, they can point the finger at the ACLU and say “it’s their fault.”

A new report also indicates that the Trump administration is buying 15,500 more beds to place in two Texas military facilities for immigrants. Trump’s administration isn’t slowing down border enforcement, it is ratcheting it up. This, considering they haven’t even complied with the court order requiring all separated children and families to be reunited.

But, it gets better. Documents provided to the ACLU by the DOJ, make it almost impossible to reunite the children even if they wanted to. The ACLU claims it received documents where it says the parents live on a “street with no name,” or that they are in “DHS custody.”

Since the Trump Administration lost in court, this is just another stall tactic.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter- @mcatty_alex


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