Lucky 13- Subpoena Week for President Trump

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President Trump’s businesses will receive thirteen subpoenas within the next few days.

Lucky 13- Subpoena Week for President Trump

It’s not sexy or interesting, but the emoluments clause lawsuits against President Trump are very important because it WILL result in the release of his tax returns.

Subpoenas were issued to thirteen companies and/or organizations tied into President Trump which includes The Trump Organization Inc., Trump International Hotels Management LLC, Trump Old Post Office LLC and The Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust.

Earlier this week, a federal judge ruled that discovery could proceed and as part of that discovery request that will be filed by state Attorney Generals will be President Trump’s tax returns. Exchange of documents is common in every lawsuit.

At issue is that foreign dignitaries are paying to stay at the Trump International Hotel in Washington and the Emoluments Clause prevents accepting money from foreign governments.

Subpoenas were also issued to federal departments such as agriculture, commerce, defense and the treasury, as well as the U.S. General Services Administration because these different agencies have held events and meetings at Trump’s hotel. Trump even leases the hotel to the GSA, an obvious conflict of interest.

I’ve even written in prior posts that when Trump stays at Lago Mar so does staff and Secret Service and the tax payers are footing the bill. Just like Secret Service has to ride in golf carts while the President is golfing at his own club and guess who pays for the rental of those carts? The President hasn’t not visited any golf courses that aren’t his and he has a financial incentive to continue to visit his own courses and hotels.

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How We Will See President Trump’s Tax Returns

Over and over I have asked why President Trump continues to block and obstruct anything related to Russia. If where this is smoke there is fire, then this is a forest fire. A little-known violation of the U.S. Constitution has President Trump’s tax returns front and center.


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No Pay Raises for Federal Employees- Plenty of Money for Golf

By the way, taxpayers aren’t only paying for the golf trips, President Trump is making money off his trips. Why? It’s simple.


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The ##### Grabbing, Draft Dodging and Now Tax Cheat President

In the New York Times latest reporting, President Trump and his father Fred Trump, illegally avoided more hundreds of millions in inheritance taxes.

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