Maria Butina and the NRA- Nothing to See Here

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Maria Butina and the NRA- Nothing to See Here

David Keen is a former president of the NRA- National Rifle Association and he is married to Donna Keene, a Washington Lobbyist. 

Donna was in communications with Maria Butina, the alleged Russian spy, regarding a million-dollar fuel deal.

With original reporting from the New York Times, Donna Keene had been communicating with Butina about getting a finder’s fee of $1 million with an American middleman from Virginia, in exchange for five million barrels of jet fuel which is more than Russia refineries export in a one month time period. Keene had mentioned the company is Gazprom.

Butina wanted a $25,000 upfront payment and suggested she would try other sources and/or suppliers through her boyfriend, Republican Paul Erickson.

Communications continued and Keene arranged a meeting with a jet fuel broker by the name of Roger Pol, but Pol passed away before anything else happened.

One set of partners that met with Butina and Erickson reported them to the FBI with the belief they were being scammed and another deal fell through because the broker realized that Butina and Erickson were clueless.

Where does Butina fit into all this? I’ll be writing three posts over the next few days titled Russia’s Three Prong attack on the United States. Butina, is prong number two.

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