Maria Butina Stays Put in Jail

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Maria Butina Stays Put in Jail

A few days ago, prosecutors admitted to misinterpreting text messages from Maria Butina, the alleged Russian spy, stating that Butina used sex as a way to gain access to individuals.

But now, with her attorney that is constantly making media rounds, a no-no in the federal court system, Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan issued a gag order preventing any more interviews in the media telling Butina’s attorney Robert Driscoll, that he was trying his case before the press.

In addition, pending before Judge Chutkan was a motion to release Butina from jail and be out on bond while her case was pending. However, Judge Chutkan denied that motion.

“I cannot envision a scenario where it’s not possible, for Butina to walk out of jail, get in a car with diplomatic plates and take a flight out of the country if she were to be released before her trial. There’s a very real risk of flight.” – Judge Chutkan

Like I said in my post shown above, whether she had sex or not would not have any bearing on the case, but Judge Chutkan did comment on the issue.

“Those allegations are notorious, have damaged her reputation and embarrassed Butina.” – Judge Chutkan

What made things even worse and a legal move I do not understand at all, Judge Chutkan criticized Driscoll for bringing to her chamber a video tape of Butina’s parents wishing her a happy birthday and Paul Erickson, her boyfriend, lip-syncing “Beauty and the Beast.” WTF?

“I’m not sure what on earth their relevance is to Miss Butina’s risk of flight.” Judge Chutkan.

Driscoll responded that the video shows there is a real relationship between Erickson and Butina. I guess Driscoll has never heard of acting before. Driscoll should focus on the fact that a recent court filing by prosecutors indicates that Butina is ready to flip and tell all.

Meanwhile, while Attorney Driscoll continues to argue that Butina never worked for the Russian government, the Russian consulate is present at hearings and has met with Butina at her prison cell on a regular basis, not to mention that the Kremlin’s Twitter account created the hashtag #FreeMariaButina.

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