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Maria Butina is an alleged Russian spy and founder of a Russian pro gun group called “Right to Bear Arms.”

Butina has testified under oath her connections to Konstantin Nikolaev, a Russian billionaire who provided funding for her group, and Aleksandr Torshin who is Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Russia.

Butina was arrested by the FBI for acting as an agent of Russia. She is also tied into the NRA (National Rifle Association). 


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The NRA, Russia, and Maria Butina

 New reporting has the Kremlin’s approval of Maria Butina and Alexander Torshin courting the NRA for political reasons.


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Russia Seeks Revenge with Maria Butina- Arrests U.S. Citizen

U.S. Citizen and former Marine Paul Whelan has been arrested in Russia on charges of spying.


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Read Maria Butina’s Plea Deal with Federal Prosecutors



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Maria Butina’s Guilty Plea is Bad for Her Boyfriend

Now that Maria Butina has pleaded guilty and flipped, she’s talking, and she’s talking about GOP member and boyfriend Paul Erickson.


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Russia’s Three- Prong Attack on the United States

What steps did Russia take against the United States? A three-prong attack starting with Russian spy Maria Butina.


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Maria Butina Plea Deal Close

Defense attorneys and federal prosecutors announced they are close to a plea deal with alleged Russian spy Maria Butina.


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GOP Boyfriend of Maria Butina Gets Target Letter

Paul Erickson the boyfriend of Maria Butina, has received a “target letter” and may get prosecuted for acting as a foreign agent under Section 951 of the U.S. code.


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Maria Butina Gets to Stay in Solitary Confinement

Maria Butina’s motion to be removed from solitary confinement was denied, even as she is cooperating with prosecutors.


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Maria Butina is Talking

New court filings confirmed that Maria Butina is negotiating a plea deal with federal prosecutors.


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The NRA and the Russia Probe

The Senate Intelligence Committee has requested that the NRA (National Rifle Association) provide documents concerning its connections to Russia. The Committee’s request includes information on top NRA officials traveling to Moscow in 2015.


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Maria Butina Worked on Cybersecurity

While attending American University as a graduate student, Maria Butina worked on a cybersecurity projected.

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Now Maria Butina Wants Your Money

Want to donate to Maria Butina’s legal defense fund?

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Maria Butina Stays Put in Jail

In addition, pending before Judge Chutkan was a motion to release Butina from jail and be out on bond while her case was pending. However, Judge Chutkan denied that motion.

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So- No Sex for Maria Butina

Federal Prosecutors have been saying all along that Maria Butina who is accused of being a Russian spy, was using sex in order to gain political influence.

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Is Maria Butina Flipping

Now, a recent court filing alleges that Butina is ready to flip on Erickson. Named as “Person 1” when referring to Erickson, “-the defense contends that the defendant is in a committed relationship with Person 1” and “she recently offered to provide information to the government about his illegal activities.” Note to self- don’t fall in love with a Russian spy.


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Maria Butina and the NRA- Nothing to See Here

David Keen is a former president of the NRA- National Rifle Association and he is married to Donna Keene, a Washington Lobbyist. Donna was in communications with Maria Butina, the alleged Russian spy, regarding a million-dollar fuel deal.

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Being a Russian Spy Is Hard- Maria Butina

The alleged Russian spy Maria Butina wants to go home.

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John Bolton and Maria Butina

While Bolton was an ambassador to the United Nations, Bolton recorded a video with Butina that was a promotion for gun rights in Russia. When the video was recorded, Bolton was the head of the NRA’s (National Rifle Association) Subcommittee on International Affairs.

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Maria Butina Moved to Same Prison as Paul Manafort

For reasons unknown, Maria Butina, the accused Russian spy, has been moved to the same jail as Paul Manafort.

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Meet the Real Life Americans

In this week’s episode of The Americans, Elizabeth Jennings, I mean Maria Butina. I keep saying it: only in this administration is fact stranger than fiction and there more Russians tied into this administration than the show.

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