Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaac Settle Divorce

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Mary J Blige. Photo Credit Dennis Leupold

Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaac Settle Divorce

Just days before the 90th Academy Awards, Mary J. Blige finalized her divorce. Blige is married to Kendu Isaacs.

The terms of the divorce has not been made public, and that is because at times court documents are sealed. I faced that issue before where I needed to make sure certain details of the divorce were not made public because of whom I was representing. In a closed courtroom with no one present other than the judge, I explained the delicate situation to the judge who granted my Motion to Seal the Court File.


Blige per court order, was paying Isaacs $30,000 monthly in temporary alimony, according to People Magazine. While still a lot of money, a far cry from the $130,000 monthly that Isaacs was originally requesting.

Blige countered by stating that $420,000 was spent by Isaacs on a mistress, a common accusation because if true, then Blige would receive that as a credit against any future settlement. Blige also claimed that Isaacs didn’t return certain personal possessions such as her Grammy Awards.

The couple have no minor children in common.

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