Matt Lauer Divorce Case Begins

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The former host of the Today show host Matt Lauer and estranged wife Annette Roque are finally getting divorced as Roque filed for divorce in New York this week.

The divorce stems from the sexual misconduct scandals Lauer was involved in after being married for more than twenty years. The couple have three children together.

Now, while reports are that Lauder and Roque reached an amicable settlement where all assets are to be divided equally, including a $25 million upfront cash payout to Roque, extramarital affairs could be an issue depending on the state where the dissolution of marriage takes place.

For example, while adultery is not an issue most of the time in Florida, it can be if marital funds were spent as then there is an issue of dissipating marital assets.

I had one case where it was discovered that the husband had been having an affair for decades and he had purchased his mistress a home and the mortgage was paid off by the time the divorce was filed. In addition, the husband had been paying the mortgage on the house.

While it was a hotly contested divorce, since my client’s home was also mortgage free, we agreed the husband would waive his interest in the marital home and my client would waive her interest in the home of the mistress.

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