Matt Lauer’s Expensive Divorce

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Matt Lauer’s Expensive Divorce

Whether you are Matt Lauer and worth millions of dollars, or a hard working stiff, divorce is expensive.


The former Today show host who was fired after numerous claims of sexual harassment, is close to wrapping up his divorce to Annette Roque. Lauer and Roque were married for nineteen years.

Per US Weekly, Lauer is apparently “furious” that his divorce will result in a lump sum payment of $25 million dollars. Besides cash, there is the family home and the horse farm. They also have three minor children whose ages are 16, 14, and 11.

While the divorce settlement does not include provisions for alimony or child support, any expenses for the minor children shall be shared.

“Matt is furious he is essentially handing over half of his net worth to Annette,” the source adds. But he wants it over with. “He could fight for a better deal in court but that would only result in dragging this out longer and negative headlines,” the source says. “He is ready to move on with his life and truly believes that a television comeback is possible.”

Settle or See You in Court?

After a lengthy marriage, half sounds about right. Rumor is that Lauer believes he could get a better deal if he took it to trial, but could he?

At trial, do you think Lauer could find a sympathetic judge? A man who is the poster boy for sexual harassment claims and the accusations which are not only disgusting, but maybe even criminal? Add to that the fact that women are speaking out, rightfully so, and the #metoo movement is not something to be ignored, nor is it going away anytime soon.

Imagine the alleged victims of sexual harassment testifying in court in explicit details his actions and the trauma it caused them. If he is actually considering a comeback in television as a source has indicated, then that’s why he’s settling his divorce case. And if that is not enough, he should think of the negative impact a divorce tried in the press, celebrity gossip magazines, and social media will affect his children who have had to suffer enough as it is already.

If Lauer is smart, he will settle this case and move on. If he still has another $25 million left, he’ll be fine. That’s more than enough money to spend the rest of his life golfing.

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