Medical Marijuana in Florida Means Lose Your Job

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Medical Marijuana in Florida.

Medical Marijuana in Florida Means Lose Your Job

Even though in 2016 medical marijuana was approved in Florida by more than seventy percent of Floridians, Florida, like most states, has no clue what it is doing when dealing with employees that are legally allowed to use marijuana.

Employers routinely fire employees for testing positive for marijuana use even though marijuana is legal. You imagine getting fired because a urine sample reveals you had Jack Daniels?

Of course, the states like to argue that marijuana is illegal at the federal level which it is, but at the same time, the Internal Revenue Services provides information on how to file tax returns if you are in the marijuana industry.

Now, Alan J. McDuffie is suing Miami-Dade County for employment discrimination because he failed a drug test. This, after McDuffie advised superiors that he was legally allowed to ingest THC. McDuffie, due to knee surgery and back pain, is in legal possession of a medical marijuana card.

McDuffie smokes marijuana. A prior court struck down a ban against smoking marijuana, however, the state of Florida has filed an appeal. Welcome to 1907.

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