Meet the Real Life Americans

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Season 3 of FX’s The Americans

Meet the Real Life Americans

In this week’s episode of The Americans, Elizabeth Jennings, I mean Maria Butina. I keep saying it: only in this administration is fact stranger than fiction and there more Russians tied into this administration than the show.

Meet the Cast of Characters

Maria Butina

Butina was incarcerated earlier this month by the FBI. She is the founder of “Right to Bear Arms,” a Russian gun advocacy group. She was arrested when the FBI saw financial transactions that were flagged as suspicious, it seemed Butina was preparing to leave the country. Just like the last episode of The Americans in Season Six, Episode Ten, except that Jennings was successful.

Butina has been questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Paul Erickson-

Erickson is an NRA member and fund raiser for the Republican party. He is also being investigated in reference to the election meddling of 2016. He actually sent an email to a Trump campaign adviser to assist in having Trump and Putin meet at an NRA meeting/convention. The title of the email: Kremlin Connection. You can’t make this stuff up.

Erickson is believed to be involved in financial transfers to LLC’s and entities in South Dakota, his home state, that are tied to Butina and Russia. It is also suspected that Erickson and Butina were involved romantically since Butina had written in emails that she detested their relationship. Guess who else used sex as a form of control and manipulation?

Alexander Torshin

At issue is whether Torshin funneled money through the NRA to then donate to President Trump’s campaign. The NRA donated more than $30 million to Trump and was his biggest financial supporter.

Butina’s indictment has her tied into Torshin, the former Secretary of State for the Central Bank of Russia. Spanish officials have accused Torshin of laundering money through hotels in Spain.

Torshin is also a member of the NRA and is under U.S. sanctions. Torshin has been to multiple NRA annual meetings and has met with the different presidents of the NRA organization.

Russian Billionaire Konstantin Nikolaev

Nikolaev owns a Russian gun company and has visited with NRA delegations in the past. He is believed to be an unnamed person in Butina’s indictment and is her financial backer.

Nikolaev is also an investor in U.S. energy and technology.

Is There a Trump Connection

Nikolaev is a member of the board of directors for a Texas-based company called American Ethane, for which he invested millions in. And so, another Russian billionaire/oligarch tied into Trump. No collusion. Well, it’s not a crime anyway, says Giuliani.

American Ethane is also tied into former chief of staff for Putin, Alexander Voloshin, who used shell companies to hide his investment.

In Beijing, China, with President Trump present and Former Secretary of State/former Exxon executive Rex Tillerson, American Ethane signed a $26 billion contract to export ethane along with a promise to invest in ethane-based manufacturing in West Virginia.

That contract obviously resulted in a huge financial profit to Nikolaev and Voloshin. Did I mention they are Russians?

See a connection between National Parks and oil/fuel exploration? 

One thing, before the Charles Manson cult followers yell “witch hunt,” the investigation of possible ties between the NRA, Butina, and Russian influence started before Mueller was appointed Special Counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

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