Miami Attorney Arrested for Fatal Hit and Run Car Accident

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Mario Gonzalez arrested for fatal hit and run crash in Miami Lakes.

Marcos Gonzalez-Balboa, an attorney from Miami, was arrested for vehicular homicide, failure to stop at the scene of crash, DUI manslaughter and failure to render aid and tampering with evidence.


Gonzalez, who has his office in Miami Lakes and of all things practices personal injury law, according to police, was driving his Mercedes-Benz C-class on Miami Lakes Drive at Fairway Drive about 2:30 a.m. on Dec. 7 when he struck and killed Tatum Holloway.

I lived in the exact location in the past and there are numerous bars within walking distance. Holloway was from Cape Town, South Africa and had just left McDonald’s.

Gonzalez’s car was found abandoned nearby, but Gonzalez-Balboa has not been identified as the driver at the time, unlike a prior case that I blogged about.

Evidence/Bar Tab

Receipts show that Gonzalez-Balboa had spent $173.36 on one tab that included two appetizers and several vodka, scotch and tequila drinks. There is another receipt that shows he spent $153.92 on 10 drinks that included eight Grey Goose vodkas on the rocks and two Macallan scotch drinks on the rocks.

The police arrest report reads that surveillance videos shows him stumbling through the parking lot and having difficulty putting his ticket in the machine to lift the exit gate.

Prior Driving History

Gonzalez-Balboa driving history is as follows:

  • twenty-two traffic infractions between 1993-2013. Most were dismissed.
  • Careless driving in 1994
  • Taking a stop sign in 1997
  • Speeding in 2005
  • Reckless driving in 2006
  • Speeding through a school zone in 2010
  • A 2006 DUI crash

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