Michael Cohen Being Investigated for Tax Fraud

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Michael Cohen Being Investigated

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is being investigated for tax fraud. At this point, who in Trump’s administration is not being investigated?


Cohen’s Former Business Partner

Cohen may have filed fraudulent taxes from his taxi-medallion business. Don’t forget, earlier this year, the “Taxi King,” Evgeny “Gene” Freidman entered a guilty plea to tax fraud and as part of his plea agreement he would cooperate with state authorities.

Freidman was arrested for failure to pay more than $5 million in taxes, but took a lesser plea of only one count and $50,000 in taxes. Which means only one of two things: The state did not have enough evidence to proceed with the former, or he was offered a sweetheart of a deal because he has a lot to offer as a state’s witness. Even the judge at his plea hearing remarked on the great deal that Freidman got to which he acknowledged.

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Common sense dictates that Freidman has a lot to say and provide to prosecutors.

Cohen and Friedman were in the taxi business together and when the FBI raided Cohen’s office, home, and hotel room, the search warrant included wording on the taxi medallion holdings. The question is what does Friedman know and it is related to Cohen?

Paul Manfort whose trial remains pending and is entering day seven, doctored loan documents in order to obtain loans. Prosecutors will be looking into the same with Cohen.

Even though tax fraud is unrelated to President Trump, any jail sentence that the feds dangle before Cohen could increase the possibility that he flips on President Trump. This only has to cause more concern and worries as the Mueller probe continues.

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