Michael Cohen Brings Us Closer to the Pee Pee Tape

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Is there a pee pee tape?

Michael Cohen Brings Us Closer to the Pee Pee Tape

Remember when getting oral sex from a White House intern was a big deal?

Yeah I know, Trump supporters will say who cares about a President peeing on a bed that was slept on by former President Barack Obama and a bunch of Russian hookers watching, but what if it is true and Michael Cohen knows about it?

The Christopher Steele Dossier as much as President Trump and Republicans want to dismiss it because Hillary Clinton’s campaign and/or the DNC (Democratic National Committee) bought it for millions of dollars, has yet to be disproven. Actually, quite the opposite and let’s not forget who Steele is; former British intelligence. It was information in the Steele Dossier that started the ball rolling on possible collusion between President Trump and Russia.

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At this point, it’s obvious that President Trump will be facing legal issues whether because of Paul Manafort or any other individuals, but, Michael Cohen is particularly interesting.

Cohen definitely would have information on President Trump and illegal actions, he has already proven as such when he pleaded guilty and in open court said the campaign violations he committed were under the direction of the President.

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But, Cohen could also be the key to showing the lack of a moral compass the President lacks, and I don’t care how much supporters of Trump will stick by him, there is always a line to be drawn in the sand.

Trump supporters let it slide when the Access Hollywood tape with Billy Bush was released where President Trump said “grab them by the #####.” Supporters let the payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels slide too, and Karen McDougal the former Playboy model that had a lengthy affair with Trump.

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The fact that David Pecker, former CEO of the National Enquirer has dirt on Trump dating back three decades, supporters let that slide, too. But, what if the pee pee is real and leaked?

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Cohen per Trump’s own words was a “fixer.” If there is a “pee pee” or “golden shower” tape, Cohen would know about it. And while there will still be some that will blow off the pee pee tape if it’s real, let’s be honest, it just shows another connection to Russia and compromising material, black mail on the President of the United States.

Besides the legal issues, there are the laws of morality. The court of public opinion is very powerful and that could cost Republicans for years to come.

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Michael Cohen Has Lots to Say

Former Trump lawyer- Michael Cohen, has spent more than 50 hours talking to Robert Mueller and his team of prosecutors.

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