Michael Cohen Wants His Dead Presidents- Sues Trump

Here’s a twist: Michael Cohen has filed a lawsuit against the Trump Organization to get paid. Yes, you read that correctly.

Cohen claims that the Trump organization owes him $1.9 million in legal fees due to the investigations from Congress and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Per Cohen’s lawsuit, the Trump Organization had agreed to “pay his attorney’s fees and costs in connection with Mr. Cohen’s representation and defense in the investigations and other matters.”

Apparently, the Trump Organization was doing just that until Cohen flipped.

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“The Trump Organization’s failure, without any reasonable basis, to pay Mr. Cohen’s attorneys’ fees and costs and other amounts incurred by Mr. Cohen in service to and at the behest of the organization and its principals, directors and officers, constitutes a breach of the Trump Organization’s indemnification obligations…” the lawsuit reads. 

Now, is he likely to get paid?

I don’t foresee that happening, unless somehow Cohen’s civil problems and/or litigation is separated from his criminal acts.

An indemnification clause which is common for these types of relationships with attorneys, won’t allow for criminal acts to be covered.

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Alexander Hernandez

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