Michael Cohen- You ’Da Man

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Michael Cohen pled guilty yesterday.

Michael Cohen- You ’Da Man

Say what you want about Michael Cohen, and there has been plenty of criticism of him already with more to follow I’m sure, but he has the right to flip on the President or anyone else and he is entitled to have a change of heart.

He is also entitled to worry about his family and self-preservation. Now, you can call him a “RAT,” but you know why I don’t worry about people flipping on me: because I haven’t done anything illegal.

There’s a reason lawyers call it a “race to the courthouse.” First one there, usually wins. President Trump as the master negotiator should have known that. Actually, if he was so great at negotiating, Manafort would not have been found guilty and Cohen would not have flipped on him.

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Lanny Davis is the attorney representing Michael Cohen. Apparently, Cohen has a lot of information that he is ready to discuss with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“I do believe that he has information about Mr. Trump that would be of interest both in Washington as well as New York state.”

Davis hinted at the Trump Foundation which is currently being investigated by the Attorney General of New York.

The interesting part of Davis’ interview, he said Cohen is willing to testify before Congress without immunity. Think that doesn’t have the President worried? There’s no way the President can block his testimony.

And going back to the “RAT” thing, don’t ever be so blinded by loyalty to one that you don’t realize there are loyalties to others.

Cohen has kids and he has to right the wrongs that he did. It’s not only what every father should do, but every person. Lead by example, something our President fails to understand as he takes to Twitter and insults everyone like a 8 year old having a temper tantrum.

It’s not the first nor last time I say this- the day will come that we either meet our maker or our conscious, make sure you are all squared up with both. Like real war hero John McCaine said, country over party.

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