Michael Flynn Pissed off Special Counsel Mueller

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Michael Flynn Pissed off Special Counsel Mueller

Why would you bite the hand that feeds you? I have no idea why anyone would, but that is exactly what Michael Flynn has done by filing his response to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s memorandum in sentencing.

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Mueller had recommended that because of Flynn’s cooperation, that he not be given jail time, so why on earth would Flynn turn around and criticize Mueller?

Sounds like someone higher up the food chain is pulling the strings.

Lately, far right conservatives are claiming that Flynn was trapped and since James Comey said in an interview he sent over agents to the White House to question Flynn which isn’t standard protocol, everyone is losing their conspiratorial minds.

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If Comey handled a situation different, but not illegally, it’s wrong. If President Trump handles something different, that’s why he was voted into office- because Americans didn’t want another cookie cutter candidate.

I keep saying I love the hypocrisy.

Mueller of course, objected to Flynn’s response by stating that Flynn “chose to make false statements” two weeks before the FBI interview in the media and with Vice-President Mike Pence, including other members of President Trump’s transition team.

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“The circumstances of the defendant’s interview also show that his decision to make false statements was voluntary and intentional.”

“A sitting National Security Advisor, former head of an intelligence agency, retired Lieutenant General, and 33-year veteran of the armed forces knows he should not lie to federal agents.”

At some point, Flynn was even arguing that he didn’t know and wasn’t told that he couldn’t lie to federal agents. Take a moment to let that sink in.

Flynn is trying to pull off a George Papadopoulos move by criticizing the investigation so he can profit from his crimes. Flynn already has a well paying consulting job pending and when he’s seen in public, he’s greeted like a celebrity, people forgetting the fact that he is a convicted felon that conspired with a foreign enemy government.

Even better, these same cult followers call Michael Cohen a “rat,” but Flynn does it and he’s a hero?

Papadopoulos on the other hand actually said he wants to run for Congress. Putting a convicted felon that is chummy with Russia in office? Seriously? But the far-right idiots think that’s a brilliant idea because who better to fight the non-existent deep state than someone that already fought it?

Flynn is lucky that Mueller didn’t strike his pleadings and bring down the hammer.

Special Counsel Mueller’s court pleading can be seen below.

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Special Counsel Mueller’s response and court filing can be seen below.

Mueller Reply to Judge Sull… by on Scribd

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