Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Memo- “Substantial” and “Several Ongoing Investigations”

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Michael Flynn’s sentencing memo filed by Special Counsel Mueller continues to provide insight into Mueller’s investigation.


Michael Flynn’s Sentencing Memo- “Substantial” and “Several Ongoing Investigations”

President Trump has just gotten slammed by his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and before we move on, let’s not forget that President Barack Obama and his administration advised Trump to keep Flynn away because he was compromised by Russia.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed his sentencing memo on Flynn, and it’s not looking good for the President.

Late last night, most likely out of respect for deceased President George H.W. Bush who was lying in state at the Capitol Building, Mueller filed the sentencing memo and it reveals where this is going.

Per the heavily redacted memo and with an educated guess we can assume the redacted parts include President Trump.  Mueller writes in the sentencing memo that Flynn provided “substantial” aid in the Russia investigation. How substantial? Enough for Mueller to stake his legal career, legacy and investigation by saying that zero days in prison for Flynn “is appropriate and warranted.”

You don’t get a deal like that unless you provided major information and cooperation, and that we know of, Flynn met with Mueller nineteen times. But, it gets better.

Mueller’s prosecutors also wrote in the Flynn sentencing memo that he has helped with “several ongoing investigations.” Keyword- “ongoing.” So, there are other investigations pending? Of course, and we know who that is.

President Trump’s Twitter feed is quiet on the matter but it will be interesting to see what his angle of attack is on this one other than to call Flynn a rat. Trump will say that Flynn first worked for the Obama administration, but he was fired by President Obama and rehired by President Trump.

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attorney alexander hernandez, michael flynn news today, michael flynn sentencing document, robert mueller election probe, michael flynn plea deal

Read the Michael Flynn Sentencing Memo

Read the sentencing memo filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Michael Flynn and his ongoing cooperation.



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