Missouri Primary Results

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Missouri Primary Results

August 7, 2018

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Attorney General Josh Hawley will be challenging two-term Senator Claire McCaskill. McCaskill, a Democrat, had a recent cyber attack on her office’s computer systems.

President Trump campaigned for Hawley.

Missouri’s Right to Work Law

The Republicans did lose “bigly” with the Right to Work Bill known as Proposition A. The Republicans successfully moved the bill from November’s general election to August since they expected low voter turn-out.

With a $16 million campaign by the Labor Unions, the Missouri voters sent a strong message rejecting the Republican backed law.

Republican Eric Greitens signed the bill, arguing that it would increase commerce for the state by bringing in new businesses. However, Greitens faced opposition from the beginning with more than double the amount of votes needed in a petition drive to have the law not take effect until the voters decided.

There’s no doubt when voters get out and vote, positive changes occur.

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