More Lies from Rudy Giuliani

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More Lies from Rudy Giuliani

I’ve never hid my love (past) nor dislike (present) for Rudy Giuliani. Like many before me, Giuliani was admired by the legal community, but not anymore, especially that now he is nothing but a lawyer who plays one on t.v.

With Giuliani, it is just one lie after another. Just about everything he has said has ended up disproven, but, since the “truth isn’t the truth,” rest assured he could care less as long he continues his mis-information campaign. Giuliani’s latest?

Now that Paul Manafort has agreed to cooperate with Special counsel Robert Mueller, Giuliani has more to say.

“Paul Manafort is not going to talk to Robert Mueller about Trump or the Trump campaign. His cooperation deal does not include an agreement to do that. He’s only cooperating on matters related to the two indictments against him and others named in those indictments.” Rudy Giuliani on phone interview with Business Insider.

“According to sources close to Manafort defense: ‘The coooeration [sic] agree does not involve the Trump campaign….There was no collusion with Russia.’ Another road travelled by Mueller. Same conclusion: no evidence of collusion President did nothing wrong.”

Now, legally and logically, Giuliani is partially correct, but realistically speaking, Mueller already has Manafort convicted on eight counts, so he doesn’t need Manafort for anything unless he has something really good to offer. In addition, Manafort wasn’t going to win his second trial either so why give Manafort a potentially get out of jail free card?

Mueller was a pawn in the game of indict President Trump from day one. Mueller knew it, I knew it, and the legal talking heads knew it. I’m assuming Manafort knew it too, but he was too arrogant to realize he would lose his first trial and actually believed that Trump would pardon him. Facing dying alone in a prison cell, Manafort did what any other logical person would do, flip.

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