Motorcycle Traffic Accident in Jacksonville- Serious Injuries

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According to Action News Jax, there was an accident between an SUV and a motorcycle on Beaver Street in Jacksonville, Florida.

The motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet and has life-threatening injuries.

As an avid motorcycle rider, I do not ride without my helmet on. Having been trained to ride by retired motormen from the City of Miami, I am use to riding not only with my motorcycle helmet, but also gloves with padding on the palm, proper motorcycle riding glasses, boots, and jeans.

I know plenty of motorcycle riders that ride with their prescription eyeglasses on, but those glasses are not designed to survive an impact from road debris. Proper glasses should have foam padding around the edges to prevent air from getting inside as well as dust and other debris.

While more expensive, I recommend having your motorcycle glasses fitted with your prescription if you are unable to use contact lenses.

Ride safe.

Attorney Alex Hernandez is an experienced motorcycle rider. For a free consultation with an attorney that represents victims of motorcycle accidents, call or text the phone numbers below.

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