Mueller and Corsi Go to Court Next Week

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Jerome Corsi

Mueller and Corsi Go to Court Next Week

Special Counsel Mueller and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi will be in court next week. Mueller’s team had requested that the case be continued until the government shutdown ended, but that request was denied by Judge Richard Leon.

Mueller’s attorneys argued unsuccessfully that the government shutdown cut off their funding.

Corsi’s tweet is below. I’d take you to his tweet like I always do in my posts, but Corsi has blocked me.

“U.S. District Judge Leon just ORDERED that the hearing on my $350 million federal lawsuit against Mueller WILL BE HEARD on JAN 3, 2019 — Judge Leon REJECTED Mueller & DOJ request to postpone because of partial government showdown. I plan to be in court.”

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Jerome Corsi’s $350 Million Lawsuit on Special Counsel Mueller

I’m not sure where you find a lawyer to actually file some of these lawsuits, but apparently, Jerome Corsi has found one or more that has filed a lawsuit against Robert Mueller for prosecutorial misconduct. Since he’s asking for $350 million, that means this is a total farce, frivolous on a good day.

Per Corsi’s absurd lawsuit, he is accusing Special Counsel Robert Mueller of wanting him to testify falsely. Basically, Mueller who has an impeccable reputation, asked the father of “birtherism”and other absurd claims to commit perjury. So, the guy who lies for a living is now claiming he is being asked to lie?

I would say that is just up Corsi’s alley, but I sincerely doubt Mueller is asking him to commit perjury and trust me, no judge or jury if it ever gets that far, would agree with Corsi. Seriously, Corsi gives himself too much credit. The Mueller-Russia probe could survive without his testimony. Trust me on that one. Let’s think in exaggerations.

If Corsi died tomorrow, Mueller’s entire investigation is gone? Of course not! Hell, Mueller has gotten this far without Corsi. Mueller is doing Corsi a favor by giving him the opportunity to plea guilty on one perjury charge because if Mueller wants, he can have Corsi indicted by the end of the week and you can forget one count at that point.

Corsi is just desperate and buying time and is hoping his frivolous lawsuit will delay his criminal conviction. Good luck with that. Corsi started the crazy idea that Obama was born in Kenya, so unless the jury is a bunch of cult followers of InfoWars where Corsi was the Washington, D.C. bureau chief, I doubt it this lawsuit will get anywhere. I’d be surprised if it hasn’t been dismissed by February and the only reason I extended it to February is because the courts slow down this time of year and play catch up in January.

The best part, once Corsi loses his lawsuit, he has to pay Mueller’s fees. And legally if fees are owed, they can be collected just like with any other creditor, whether it’s wage garnishments, freezing bank accounts, or liens on real property and other assets.

In addition, if there were any documents that Corsi did not want to hand over to Mueller, he would have to now through the Discovery process.

However, I bet that Corsi will dismiss the case himself and accept a plea deal.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
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