Mueller and President Trump Are Now Neighbors

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Trump Tower

Mueller and President Trump Are Now Neighbors

With Paul Manafort’s conviction on eight counts of fraud and a guilty plea on his second trial, Manafort had agreed that certain properties and assets would be forfeited.

Now, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is proceeding with seizing Manafort’s assets which includes five properties in New York and three bank accounts.

One of the properties that is subject to seizure is a condo in Trump Tower. Yeah, that Trump Tower where the meeting took place with Russians. Ironic? Full circle?

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.


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Paul Manafort after taking a guilty plea, has not met with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


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President Trump who has praised Paul Manfort for not flipping, guess what? He just flipped!


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Mueller’s team of prosecutors is looking into radio interviews between Randy Credico and Roger Stone to determine his communications with Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks.


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Mueller went about his business plotting along and little by little he has built his case with one conviction after another or indictment, if not a guilty plea.


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