Mueller’s Obstruction Theory Memo by William Barr

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Mueller’s Obstruction Theory Memo by William Barr

William Barr has been picked by President Trump to take over Jeff Sessions who was forced to resign after the midterm elections.

As you can imagine, Barr is everything that is anti-Mueller and everything pro-Trump.

Voluntarily, Barr sent a twenty page memo to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein criticizing the Mueller investigation. Do you have any idea how long it takes to type up twenty pages and to have the urge to do this for free and send it to Rosenstein with the hope that he or anyone else will actually read it?

If you or I do that, the FBI comes knocking on our door.

Barr’s unsolicited memo argues that President Trump’s firing of James Comey was not obstruction of justice. See why Trump chose Barr?

“As I understand it, [Mueller’s] theory is premised on a novel and legally insupportable reading of the law.”

“Moreover, in my view, if credited by the Justice Department, it would have grave consequences far beyond the immediate confines of this case and would do lasting damage to the presidency and to the administration of law within the executive branch.”

Based on Barr’s interpretation, a President can cause damage, doesn’t have to suffer the consequences, but the country does. I’m pretty sure that was not the intent of the framers of the Constitution.

Per Barr, at least he believes a sitting president can commit obstruction of  justice by destroying evidence or tampering with witnesses. Good, because the President has done just that.

However, Barr goes on to explain that obstruction of justice does not exist if the President is exercising his lawful powers. Below is my opinion why Barr is 100 percent incorrect.

Now, unlike Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker who is not qualified for the position, Barr is, but he’s anything but neutral.

Barr was the Attorney General under President George H.W Bush, but as you can imagine, he opposed the investigation of Iran-Contra, even called the special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh a “headhunter.”

Barr’s memo can be seen below.

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