Mueller’s Questions for President Trump

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Special Counsel Mueller and President Trump prepare for what may be a legal battle unlike this country has even seen before.

Mueller’s Questions for President Trump

It has taken a while, but we finally get to see the President answer Robert Mueller’s questions; sort of. The questions will be written, fifteen questions in total. The fact that it is only fifteen questions causes me to have more questions than answers, but obviously if the questions are limited to a subject(s), which if that is the case, Mueller’s focus has been narrowed after his investigation.

Once President Trump answers those written questions, it could lead to further questions, maybe even Special Counsel Mueller saying let’s do a face-to-face to further explain these answers. The fact is one question answered always leads to another question.

What still remains an issue is Mueller issuing a subpoena for President Trump to testify since his lawyer Jay Sekulow vowed from the beginning to seek to quash the subpoena and proceed to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling if need be. Now with Justice Kavanaugh on the bench, it would be interesting to see how the court could rule on an issue that has never been presented legally to the Supreme Court. Remember, Kavanaugh is of the belief in his prior legal writings that a sitting President should not be indicted, nor even investigated.

While past Presidents have provided written answers to questions by a special counsel, never has a subpoena been issued for a criminal matter, only a civil matter and we saw that in President Clinton’s investigation by independent counsel Ken Starr.

Such a legal move would take a considerable amount of time to work out through the courts and delaying this investigation is something that Giuliani has been wanting from the beginning, at least past the mid-term elections and if into 2020, even better for the President.

Of course, Trump blames the divisiveness of the country on the investigation. In his recent Fox interview, Trump said he’ll do whatever is “necessary to get it over with” claiming the investigation has caused “division” and is “bad for the country.” President Trump did not rule out a one-on-one interview.

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