New Mexico’s Largest Catholic Diocese Bankruptcy Filing

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With more than 400 claims of sexual abuse, The Archdiocese of Santa Fe has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy per a report by Inside Sources.

Of the more than 400 complaints, 395 are tied into sexual abuse and twenty related to other complaints. Prior to bankruptcy, the Archdiocese had paid out $52 million in insurance proceeds to settle 300 other claims.

Per Inside Sources, Archbishop John Wester said in a statement that “we are hopeful that mediation among the survivors’ committee, insurers, archdiocese and other parties will result in a consensus to provide as equitable a resolution for each and every claimant.”

“The archdiocese will continue to work closely with the committee and other parties to ensure the most expeditious and fair resolution as possible.”

Per the report based on review of church documents and court pleadings, priests from around the country were sent to New Mexico to obtain treatment for pedophilia, only making the problem worse.

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