Newsweek Captures Journey of Migrant Caravan with Photos

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Members of the Central American migrant caravan move in the early morning hours on November 05, 2018 in Cordoba, Mexico. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Newsweek Captures Journey of Migrant Caravan with Photos

I Traveled with the Migrant Caravan- You Have No Idea What They’ve  Have Been Through

Newsweek ran a story by Spencer Platt, award-winning photographer with Getty Images, to document the story of the migrant caravan.

Platt wanted to capture the struggles of those in the caravan who have traveled thousands of miles in order to escape the violence of their homeland. By Platt’s estimates, twenty-five percent of the families were traveling with their small children through this physically exhausting trek, including family members pushing their elders in wheelchairs.

The article could be seen below which I highly recommend to read. Posts written by me in reference to President Trump and the caravan can also be seen below.

Platt’s Bio on Newsweek Article
Spencer Platt is an award-winning photographer who joined Getty Images in 2000. He has covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo and Ukraine. In 2007, he received the World Press Photo of the Year award for his picture of young Lebanese survivors surveying bombing damage in Beirut during the Lebanon-Israel crisis of 2006.

The full story by Newsweek can be found via this link.

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President Trump Bullies the Migrant Caravan

At any costs, President Trump wants funding for his border wall, even if it means tear gassing children and ordering a government shutdown as the migrant caravan reaches the U.S. – Mexico border.


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President Trump Loses in Immigration Court- Again

President Trump’s executive order requiring migrants to seek asylum through an “official port of entry” has been blocked by the federal courts until a hearing is scheduled on this matter for December 19, 2018.

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