Next Stop- Trump Changes Asylum Claims

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The Trump administration looks to curb the amount of asylum claims filed.

Next Stop- Trump Changes Asylum Claims

Yesterday, the Trump administration unveiled new rules with the intent of limiting asylum claims. The new law applies to asylum claims for migrants that cross via the U.S.- Mexico border.

As it stands, a migrant can claim asylum by simply being on U.S. soil however they got here, or through their respective embassy. Trump’s plan is to require migrants to enter through “official ports of entry.”

Again, more political hypocrisy since the overwhelming of asylum claims are by those whose tourist visas expire. So, if you want to stop immigrants from coming in, why bother doing it by the method that results in the least amount of people coming in? If your dam has three leaks, do you cover the smallest leak first or the biggest one?

This after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against President Trump in the “Dreamers” (DACA-Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

Thanks to the Law of Unintended Consequences, all Trump’s policies have done is increase the backlog of immigration cases. A few months ago I wrote that the backlog was at 750,000 cases, and this week we surpassed 1 million.

As a result, more immigration judges are hired, ICE needs one billion in funding, the border wall costs $25 billion to construct, not including maintenance, $220 million to send U.S. Military troops that have zero power to enforce border laws and the migrant caravan, and hundreds of millions more to construct, maintain tent cities and detention facilities, and who knows how much are the costs of litigation.

By the way, the detention centers are run by private corporations that are getting very rich very fast.

Of course, this also will head back to the federal courts where Trump’s anti-immigration policies continue to lose.

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