No Deal for Jerome Corsi

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Jerome Corsi.

No Deal for Jerome Corsi

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Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi an associate of Roger Stone, has gone back to saying there is no plea deal with Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia collusion and meddling in the 2016 presidential elections.

Per NBC News Senior Producer Anna Schecter, Corsi was offered a plea deal on one count of perjury. Quoting Corsi, “They want me to say I willfully lied. I’m not going to agree that I lied.  I did not. I will not lie to save my life. I’d rather sit in prison and rot for as long as these thugs want me to.”

Corsi is about to learn real quick that his plea offer will not be the same if he goes to trial on perjury charges. At that point, every time he perjured himself will result in a perjury charge, a felony for each one.

Corsi went on to say “I never met [WikiLeaks founder Julian] Assange, I’ve never spoken to him, I’ve never seen him, zero contact with him. And I had no intermediary who was in contact with him. What the special counselor couldn’t figure out was in August [2016], I knew that the emails remaining that Julian Assange had were [Hillary Clinton campaign director John] Podesta’s emails. I basically figured it out, which is what I do. I connect the dots. I didn’t need any source to tell me.

“Get Assange back here, he can prove it was Seth Rich that did the stealing of the emails. It wasn’t the Russians, he said it any number of times. I can prove it, I can support it.”

Even if Corsi was able to connect the dots, why lie about it? Here’s a better question, why is everyone tied into the Mueller investigation lying?

And like Roger Stone throwing Randy Credico under the bus, why didn’t Corsi provide evidence of Seth Rich stealing the emails during his back and forth negotiations over the last two months?

Corsi doesn’t want to sign the plea deal because it requires him to admit that he lied knowingly and willfully. Corsi’s defense is he didn’t lie intentionally. Good luck with that one.

The I didn’t mean to kill that guy with my car argument has never worked in court, neither will Corsi’s defense. The ironic part: Corsi has made a career out of lying and creating conspiracy theories.

Trust me, this is the part where Corsi asks for more money for his legal defense fund, and then after a few more months of back and forth, he takes a plea anyway. He’s a conspiracy theorist, don’t forget that.

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Jerome Corsi is Ready to Flip on Roger Stone

Jerome Corsi is ready to make a plea with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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