Not in My House- Pelosi Keeps Winning

So, President Trump basically threatened House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to un-invite him, the man of the hour from the State of the Union and guess what she did. Be careful what you wish for.

I’ll huff and puff, and okay, I’ll reschedule the State of the Union until after the government shutdown. Wrong move Mr. President.

Pelosi went after Trump’s ego and never make a decision with your ego, but he did, and once again, Pelosi got the upper hand. Maybe Ann Coulter was correct when she tweeted that the right voted for Trump and got Jeb.

Regardless of the political reasons to skip out on the State of the Union for now, it makes no sense to have it. What can you tout as to how wonderful state of the union is? That the shutdown is 34 days long and not 35 days?

In sales, what you did a week ago, is pointless. You are only as good as your last sale. There is a reason athletes’ contracts are based on their accomplishments from the year before, not five years before.

But the Trump temper tantrums only continues to give Pelosi the upper hand and Trump keeps getting played.

If Trump would have been “political” for five minutes and just say, yeah, great idea, we can’t be having this wonderful party in Congress while some people are trying to figure out how to feed their kids this week, maybe, just maybe things would be different.

But, we just get more temper tantrums as Putin’s Puppet is now saying the same about Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“Nancy Pelosi, or Nancy as I call her, she doesn’t want to hear the truth, doesn’t want American people to hear the truth,” Trump said.

I’m not sure if “Nancy” is an attempt at a nickname or something derogatory since friends they aren’t and they have not spoken since Trump stormed out of the meeting two weeks ago.

In addition, President Trump went on to say that the Democratic Party has become “radicalized” and “very dangerous,” and that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is submissive to Pelosi. Right now is a good time to think of how submissive Trump has been to Putin.

“I think that Chuck Schumer, sadly, is dominated by the radical left and he’s dominated by Nancy Pelosi. Very strongly dominated. He can’t move. He’s a puppet for Nancy Pelosi, if you can believe that.”

Now, we can’t and don’t believe that.

It is now day 34 of the shutdown and besides no plan on how to get out of this other than give me $5 billion for the wall, we have to listen to Lara Trump saying it’s just a “little bit of pain” while she jogs in a bikini at Mar-a-Lago while the Coast Guard protects the property.

Considering that Donald Trump, Jr. is making media rounds even writing an op-ed for the Daily Caller and now Lara Trump is doing interviews, Trump is desperate and it shows.

Wilbur Ross the billionaire Commerce Secretary thinks the solution for federal employees is to take out loans during the shutdown and he’s confused why they are visiting food banks.

And the best one, economic adviser Kevin Hassett who actually said that federal workers are “better off” because they can take vacations now and not use up vacation time when they return back to work.

This White House is not only out of touch with the middle class, they are out of touch with reality.

Alexander Hernandez
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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