Ohio’s Congressional 12th District- Election Results

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Danny O’Connor, Troy Balderson

Ohio’s Congressional 12th District- Election Results

August 7, 2018

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Special Election

The Republicans have had a strangle hold for the last thirty-five years in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. The last time a democrat won, Ronald Reagan was the President.

The question on everyone’s mind, did the attacks by President Trump against Lebron James a week before the election help or hurt the Republicans and the GOP.

Timeline- (Up to date results will be posted as it becomes known).

7:39 p.m.- to close to call

7:53 p.m.- O’Connor leads by 5%

8:44 p.m. Posts on social media indicate long polling lines, lots of voters coming out.

8:49 p.m.- 18% of the votes in. O’Connor has a lead of 8%.

9:00, 32% of the votes in. O’Connor has 44, 181 votes/53 % and Balderson has 37,754/45.8% of the vote.

9:21- almost tied. O’Connor 49.0% versus 50.3% for Balderson with 67% of the votes in.

9: 31 p.m. There is no denying it is a close race. .04% separates the two candidates with O’Connor on top with 75% of the votes in.

9:50- 85% of the vote in, the candidates are tied with 49.7% each separated by only 155 votes.

10:12 p.m.- 95% and the candidates are separated by 41 votes with Balderson out front.

102:1 99% of the votes are in. Balderon has a lead of 1,685. Two of the largest counties will decide the outcome.

10:31 p.m.- looks like it is too close to call. The candidates are separated by less than 1% with Balderson up over 1,600 plus votes.

7:55 a.m. More than 8,400+ absentee votes have yet to be counted. O’Connor has not conceded the race.

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