Olga Pronina Dies in Motorcycle Accident

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Olga Pronina Dies in Motorcycle Accident

February 19, 2018, 8:05 p.m.

Updated on August 14, 2018, 8:55 a.m.

Olga Pronina, known as Russia’s “sexiest biker,” died from a motorcycle stunt on Monday. Pronina of YouTube and Instagram fame, had a huge following with over 150,000 followers.

Pronina, a hairdresser by trade, was known as much as for her beauty as her insane motorcycle stunts. One recent stunt had her side-straddling her BMW motorcycle while drinking from a straw at over one hundred fifty miles per hour.

olga pronina instagram, monika9422, bmw s1000rr
Monika9422 of Instagram performing one of her many motorcycle stunts.

Her death occurred as she was racing through the city of Vladivostok, Russia. She lost control of her motorcycle and crashed into the railing. She died on scene from the impact. A friend who arrived on scene said the rear tire of the motorcycle was almost two thousand feet away from the crash.

Olga is survived by her sixteen year old daughter.


Olga’s death while tragic, obviously could have been avoided. The greatest motorcyclist stunt performer of our time and the one who invented death defying stunts on a Harley Davidson was Evel Knievel.

Yet, with all his experience and testicular fortitude, he crashed, many times. The same goes for stunts of any kind.

Whether it is motocross freestyle, skateboarding, BMX freestyle, stunts sooner or later result in an accident(s). Some serious, some not, but it is unavoidable. Hence, my issue with stunt riding.

The reality is the overwhelming majority of stunts performed on motorcycles are done on public roads for social media fame. It was few weeks ago I wrote about my encounter with a stunt rider as I was riding to work. 

The skills involved in performing stunts is something to envy, but not on public roads.

Find a parking lot or become a professional stunt rider that way you get paid to do what you enjoy. But as far as I am concerned, public roads are off-limits and laws make that clear.

Anything could result in a crash that could lead to serious injury or death. Whether it is just losing control of the motorcycle or a dog cutting across the road or road debris, public roads are dangerous enough.

As a result of one person’s selfish acts, that may cause the crash of another person using the road whether in a car or motorcycle.

That stunt rider passing me up at more than one hundred miles per hour, could have had a crash that would have taken me out, too.

I’ve since learned my lesson, and next time I see someone ready to perform stunts and they slow down in order to prepare to do so, I will slow down and let them go ahead of me.

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